DWF examples

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DWF examples

Autodesk Design Review is the viewer for DWF files.

“Beyond the Paper” Blog  is all about DWF.

All DWF posts on Shaan's blog Between the Lines.

Example of my Printer Connector solution where I use hyperlinks in a DWF to install printers can be found here on Shaan's blog as well as on a posting on my blog.

Check with the below example that also shows an example of a napkin created in ADT 2004 and with gradient hatches (look on the second and third sheets). It's created with the Publish command to create multiple pages within one DWF file.

Your download should automatically start within a few seconds. Once the install is complete you will see the drawing file below.

If you are unable to complete this install you can also manually download the free viewer.

Do you want to print DWF files from Windows Explorer or be able to print using DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) from a document handling system?

I have made a simple freeware application that uses Autodesk Design Review (Autodesk DWF Viewer) to do this and that can be used as a DDE Application. Select the DWFs you want to print, right click and select Print DWF. That's it. I hope it is useful for you. You can download the setup file here. The stability and functionality is as it is. It works good enough for me even though I cannot say that it will work for you. I have not added subclassing to the application. So if you select multiple DWF's, one instance of the program will be started for each DWF.

Old history info: From version AEV (Autodesk Express Viewer) does support silent installs. "ExpressViewerSetup.exe /q".

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