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Here you find JTB World's software/apps. Trial is available for most of the apps. Some apps are freeware. Many of the apps are for CAD products like AutoCAD, BricsCAD, GstarCAD, Revit and more. We also create custom apps to fill specific needs using programming languages like C#, VB.NET, VBA, AutoLISP.

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About | Download | Newsletter | System requirements | Purchase | Documentation | Version History | License agreement | Customers

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About | Download | Newsletter | System requirements | Purchase | Documentation | Version History | License agreement | Customers

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Contact us for any questions, wishes or comments.

About | Download | Newsletter | System requirements | Purchase | Documentation | Version History | License agreement | Customers

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Contact us for any questions, wishes or comments.

Take a look at our product SSMPropEditor if you want to edit and update Sheet properties and Sheet Set properties.

Merge, purge and convert Sheet Set DST files for AutoCAD, BricsCAD and any other CAD software using Sheet Set DST files with our JTB DST Tool.

Tags: AutoCAD Sheet Set, AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager, ACAD SSM, AutoCAD Sheet Set Properties, AutoCAD Sheet Properties, Sheet Set Publish.

App for AutoCAD to convert all raster images in drawing(s) to OLE objects. Trial available.

Web page: JTB Raster2OLE

Item Price: 50 USD per license or less

Description: Convert all raster images in drawing(s) to OLE objects, it's like binding external image references

About | Download | Newsletter | System requirements | Purchase | Documentation | Version History | License agreement | Customers

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If you want other features added feel free to contact us with your wishes.

About | Download | Newsletter | System requirements | Purchase | Documentation | Version History | License agreement | Customers

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If you want other features added feel free to contact us with your wishes.

About | Download | Newsletter | System requirements | Purchase | Documentation | Version History | License agreement | Customers

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If you want other features added feel free to contact us with your wishes.

Web site: HTools

Item Price: 10 USD

Description: AutoCAD productivity tools.

Web site: Engco for rebar detailing

Item Price: 50 USD per 75 generated drawings

Description: Producing the rebar shop drawings as AutoCAD drawing (dwg) along with automatically generated bar bending schedules (BBS) as Excel Sheet.

Web page: HVACPAC

Description: AutoCAD and BricsCAD app for HVAC and Piping design work in 2D and 3D.


Web site: DWF Print

Item Price: Freeware

Description: Batch print DWF files quick and easy.


Web site: Palette Auto-hide Speed

Item Price: Freeware

Description: Did you know that you can change the time it takes to show/hide or roll-up/roll-out the palette windows in AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture or other verticals when you have activated Auto-hide? It is possible but is not so obvious and easy. Until now.

JTBsync is a powerful Autodesk Revit app which enables you to export parameter and property data from your Revit® project model to an external file in tabular format, process the data in Microsoft Excel, and then import the information back into Revit and instantly realize changes.

Web site: JTBsync for Revit

JTB Lisp - Easily manage loading lisp files from your AutoLISP library

Web site: JTB Lisp

JTB Drainage - Edit Drainage Plan and generate Manhole Schedule in AutoCAD

Web site: JTB Drainage

JTB AutoReset - This program allows the user to Reset the drawing he/she is working on to preset styles based on an standard .dwg.

Web site: JTB AutoReset

JTB BlockPlotter - This app is a Batch Block Plotter for printing a large amount of drawings with AutoCAD

Web site: JTB BlockPlotter

AutoCAD app update all blocks in a drawing to be annotative. 

AutoCAD app to automatically lock viewport and correct layers of viewports and labels in a Sheet Set. 

AutoCAD app to zoom Extents on all layout tabs in a drawing. 

AutoCAD app to link data from Excel cells to fields in drawing. 

AutoCAD app to batch convert multiple DGN files to DWG files.

Batch find and replace text in thousands of drawings across a whole network using AutoCAD. The input of find and replace texts can be created in Excel so you can have thousands of string pairs. 

Vuuch for AutoCAD

Automatically close Select Shape File dialog boxes freeware for AutoCAD.

Creation of simple and advanced custom Revit plug-ins to automate tedious manual work. Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP specific plug-ins have been created.

Custom Rotate Command for AutoCAD MEP devices. This makes it easy to for example rotate light fixtures.

Program that creates text on multiple rows that follows a curve. The text can be on both sides of the curve and also be configured to always be readable (rotated as needed).

Program that connects points by either creating a 2D polyline or a 3D polyline. Points can be connected by command line entering. For example connect point 1-10, 15, 12 and 30-57.

Import from CVS file and create points and point data. For example used by Civil engineers.

Program for adding sask angle text between two lines that intersect. Program for adding sask distance text.

Program that adds bearings and distances on multiple lines or polyline segments as well as a summary with total distance, misclosure and closure.

We have created .NET applications that can extract detailed information about CAD objects like 3Dsolids and extract volume, vertex coordinates and more. This can be exported to Excel for example.

We have created a custom application that synchronizes information from block attributes in AutoCAD to Excel (it could be the other way as well). If you need something like that please contact us.

We made a custom software developed with .NET that could modify AutoCAD Data Links to automate changing the Cell format settings like "Use Excel formatting", "Keep table updated to Excel formatting", "Start with Excel formatting, do not update" either on selected tables or on all tables in a drawing. It also included an option to automatically update the data links with DATALINKUPDATE. Paths to DXE files can be updated as well as paths within the DXE files. DXE are files with templates (settings) for extraction of attribute and geometry data with the AutoCAD (2008 and higher) command DATAEXTRACTION.

Do you not like some notifications like unreconciled layer notification or non true dwg notification? Would you like them to be automatically closed? Would you like warnings for missing shp or shx files not showing up as soon as you open drawings? (Contact us for details)

Do you want to make plotting of drawings more easy? Maybe batch plot to different formats (PDF, PLT, DWF), paper sizes, plotters or printers at the same time with different copies, naming, etc. (Contact us for details)

We have created a solution for a CAD reseller that is for ADT (Architectural Desktop) and ACA (AutoCAD Architecture). It is extending functionality when it comes to spaces, area calculations and export of the information to XML formatted files. If you want anything developed please contact us.

Storage - A custom Access database solution. If you want an application done in Access feel free to contact us. We have deep and extensive experience in creating advanced applications based on Access for different purposes, reporting, engineering, purchasing, economy and more.

A custom solution for AutoCAD was created to read NavisWorks clash XML files and draw clash spheres in AutoCAD indicating where the clashes are.

We created a custom add-on for AutoCAD Architecture where rooms where created as well as having properties populated in property sets based on information in an Excel file.

We created a custom add-on for AutoCAD Architecture where multi-view blocks are placed within rooms based on information in an Excel file.

Excel can be customized to accomplish a lot of things and JTB World has a lot of experience automating and doing things with Excel that automates workflows. If you have needs for more functionality in Excel please contact us with you needs.

Batch plot plug-in for ProArc to manage that PDF files are plotted in the correct order using either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

Extended functionality in Microsoft Outlook to set custom flags with more flexibility. For example select multiple emails and set a follow up flag 5 working days from now. Or click a button and find all emails from the sender or from the sender domain. Copy the sender email to the clipboard button.

Analyzing AutoCAD plot logs and creating custom reports.

AutoCAD plugin that automatically update a block attribute with the area from a polyline as soon as the polyline area is changed.

App for AutoCAD that removes or deletes all PDF references in a DWG or that detaches all PDF references.

Want to integrate and automate stamping of PDF files in your document handling system? We have the knowledge.

We have created an application that can extract all drawing properties from multiple DWG files and create a file of it that can be opened in Excel.

Batch renaming layers, text styles and linetypes in multiple drawings based on text files that contain the old and new names in a list. When multiple layers are renamed to one new layer they are merged together. Logging of the result is done.

Read and set values in SETNETWORKCATALOG dialog in Civil 3D using AutoLISP.

Automatically restore OPTIONS settings or other specific settings in AutoCAD to avoid problems if users edit them.

App to quickly preview drawings with the ability to open or insert and more.

Scanner app that scans multiple drawings to find those that are having various problems. Could be that they need to be recovered or that they are missing certain objects or missing xrefs or anything else of importance.

Batch clean up drawings of non standard scales values found in the scale list. Kind of scale list purger.

App that makes it easy to find and measure the distance between two solids.

App to substract from solids.

App to convert solids to faces.

Export 3D solid information to file.

PSD Find and Replace app for AutoCAD Architectural.


AutoLISP functions to edit and read Property Set Data values.

Panelizer app for AutoCAD. Grating Size, type (Smooth or Serrated), and finish (galvanized, mill, stainless steel, aluminum, painted w/color). Toe Plate size and projection. Banding size. Nosing type (CPN, CAAN, etc.). Automate panelizing of roofs with Bill of Material table creation including Span-Feet and Inches, Width-Feet and Inches, End Gauge, etc.

Copy all xref's entities on specified layer to current drawing

Wall Long Section app for AutoCAD. Wall coursing, wall cross sections, Lots and road lines project to wall divide it to multiple segments, Road Areas (road lots) generation

Click on text in an AutoCAD table and create a leader with text taken from the table

UTM tool for AutoCAD

AutoLISP command created that show a dialog box of drawings and their layouts where a layout can be selected and the output of the AutoLISP command is the full path to the drawing as well as the layout name that was selected.

AutoLISP command to automate roof design with rafter and splices.

Braiding Machine Raceways app for AutoCAD

Rebar detailing for AutoCAD

Advanced export of layer data.

Xref repath and rename. Say A.dwg is attached to a drawing. The user now wants to change it to B.dwg and also have the reference named as B in the Xref Palette.

Custom command for AutoCAD was created that shows a list of all xrefs. The user can select one or more xrefs in the list. For each xref the user can specify the location for a replacement xref. 

Xref Copy Routine for Sheet Set Manager app with this functionality:
Look at current active drawing to see if it is associated to a sheet set
Determine if any xrefs are in Model space of the current active drawing
If so, Copy xrefs to any other drawings associated with that sheet set (only in Model Space) that don’t already have the Xrefs attached.

App to fix viewports on drawings exported from Revit to DWG. The viewports extends outside the title block and are stretched automatically by the app either on the current drawing or on multiple drawings in batch mode.

Merge dimensions in AutoCAD 

A Civil 3D command to import COGO points from an external CSV file and create Description Key sets correctly. 

AutoCAD, BricsCAD: Export all layouts to model space to separate drawings with deletion of extra layouts. Batch processing of EXPORTLAYOUT.

Tags: applications, apps, software, programs, products, plug-ins, add-ons, add-ins, snap-ins, freeware, tools, custom solutions 

What custom software development can we help you with? Contact us.