JTB Batch Change

Scan through multiple drawings to rename and change properties

Getting Started

JTB Batch Change brings the AutoCAD ActiveX Object Model to your command via Excel design spreadsheets. Some examples of feature commands are:

And much more.

Open JTB Batch Change (version).xlsm Microsoft Excel Macro Enabled workbook in the application install folder (at %appdata%\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\JTB Batch Change.bundle\Contents), you will find 7 spreadsheets:

The others are 6 working spreadsheets:

  1. Rename spreadsheet: help you work with named object. You can rename, purge and audit Drawings; rename, delete, replace, merge Blocks, Layers, TextStyle etc. in selected drawings.

  2. Find and Replace spreadsheet: find texts in AutoCAD Texts, MTexts, Dimensions, Attributes and Table, then replace it with other texts.

  3. DwgProps spreadsheet:
    • Change drawing properties
    • Add or remove custom drawing properties

  4. Import spreadsheet: import Blocks, Layers, TextStyles, Linetypes, DimStyles and/or PageSetups from standard drawing to your selected destination drawings. Current definitions in destination drawing will be overridden.
    • For example: you redefine some of your door blocks in a Master Plan.dwg and want to update those new block definitions to other drawings.
    • Go to Import sheet, choose a row and then select Block command.
    • Click "Select source drawing" and set the cell on the same row to Master Plan.dwg path
    • Go to Find column and set it to Door*
    • Click Run
    • The app will run WBLOCK exports all Door* blocks from Master Plan to a temp folder. Then, it opens each drawing in your selected drawing list and import overwrite new block drawings to them
  5. Change spreadsheet: This spreadsheet will drill deeper in to object properties to find value and make change.
  6. Change CrossTab spreadsheet:

    (Available since version 2.0)

    Similar to the "Change" spreadsheet, but this sheet will show objects properties in a crosstab table, easier to use.

    Also, especially on this sheet, the command button of "Populate Objects Properties To Current Sheet" is available in the Run >>> Select commands and drawings window. With that command, similar to "Run", but insteading of find objects and change them, the app populate found objects properties to itself, so you can have a closer detail look to the objects, and determine to create more specific change commands.

While working with JTB Batch Change, you can copy the workbook to other locations. Within the workbook, you can copy, delete or rename worksheets.


This application works best with latest Microsoft Excel version.

To ensure Macros will run, you should give them permission first: Go to Excel Options > Trust Center > Macro Settings > Choose "Disable all macros except digitally signed macros" or "Enable all macros ..."

Installation: to automatically add the app to Excel Add-Ins, got to enable "Trust access to VBA project object model".

Otherwise, you have to manually add the JTB Batch Change.xlam add-in file to your Add-In list. Go to Excel Options > Add-Ins> Manage > Go ... and the Excel's Add-In window brings up. Browse for the JTB Batch Change.xlam in app folder: %programdata%\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\JTB Batch Change.bundle\Contents\Windows

The working flow is:

  1. Start with "JTB Batch Change.xlam" or "JTB Batch Change Example.xlam". The example xlam workbook will be very useful because it contains many examples commands and instructions.
  2. Go to to Drawing List worksheet. Click "Add Drawings" to selected drawing files. You can collect drawings at various places. They will be listed uniquely in column A and B.
  3. Open a working spreadsheet (Rename, Import,Find and Replace, DwgProps, Change and Change CrossTab), then create your own commands. Test your commands first before applying to the real work.
  4. Select commands on one or selected rows. Then click "Run". A window will bring up for you to select drawings and edit commands selection.
  5. Click Run button to start the Batch Change process
  6. Finally, a Log worksheet will be activated for you to review all actions information.

    Your drawings are always backed up before any change is made. If any error happens, you can click to open BackUp Location to find and restore old your drawings.

For more information on how it works, how to use Find and Replace formulas, you can browse these pages:


Rename spreadsheet

Find and Replace spreadsheet

Drawing Properties spreadsheet

Import spreadsheet

Change spreadsheet

Change CrossTab spreadsheet

Insert Columns To Change CrossTab

Drawing List

Select drawings and commands to run

JTB Batch Change is Running

Log window

Installation and Uninstallation

To uninstall this app, uninstall as you would uninstall any other app/application/program from your system.

On Windows 10 Version 1703 or later press Windows+I on the keyboard to access Settings or click the lower-left Start button on the desktop to expand Start Menu, and then select Settings in it. Click on Apps. 

On Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (older than Version 1703) click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features or Control Panel > Add.

On  Windows XP click Control Panel > Programs > Remove Programs.


You can use JTB Batch Change trial license for evaluation and educational purpose only. The trial license will be available for 30 days.

Open Help worksheet, click on the License button to get your computer number. Send that number to JTB World for Activation Key. When receiving the Activation Key paste it into the same dialog box.

You can also activate JTB Batch Change by open an executive worksheet, press Run, then press Activate button at lower left corner of the invoked window.

Inside AutoCAD the command JTBW_Activate_Apps can also be used to activate the license.

Once activated, JTB Batch Change will work on all drawings without any limitation.

Known Issues

It is recommended to open AutoCAD first before run Batch Change process

While the application is running, please don't try to use AutoCAD. Escape all active commands in AutoCAD and wait for the process to finish.

JTB Batch Change can work in all Excel language packs. But if AutoCAD is non-English, it can get into error if the open process of your drawing is interrupted by AutoCAD alert, for example, "Drawing is created by non Autodesk application" alert.

If your memory is low, large drawing with proxy objects can get error after save. The application will automatically switch to ObjectDBX Disabled Mode, which runs slower, but safer.

To delete layouts "ObjectDBX Disabled Mode" needs to be selected because layouts can't be deleted with ObjectDBX.

Contact and Support

Visit our webpage for more information: https://jtbworld.com/jtb-batch-change-for-autocad

For support email us at info@jtbworld.com

Version History


Add "Change CrossTab" sheet with new command "Populate Objects Properties" in Run window.

Add option to restart AutoCAD after a number of drawing, also in Run window.

Add "ATTSYNC" command to Block Definition object.

Add "Convert To Text" command in AttributeRef object.

New "JTB Batch Change.xlam" Add-In. All embedded code in old workbooks are removed. All commands run via that Add-In

Updated the installation.


Add support for AutoCADĀ® 2020.

Updated the installation.


Add AttSync command to Import >> Block Definition & AttSync.

Add option SaveAs to other drawing format

Fix rename layout error

Extend the trial license to full functionality

Fix minor issues.


Fix bug in changing text: unexpectedly trim off spaces at text's beginning and end.

Fix Log report on Text and *Cancel*

Network license implemented.

Add support for Drawing Standard file(*.dws)

Fix minor issues.


Fix bug in find and replace text in Mtext, happens since previous upgrade

Add support for Drawing Template file(*.dwt)


Add support for AutoCADĀ® 2018


Add ObjectDBX Disabled Mode to process drawings with proxy objects if Save Error happens in Normal Mode.

Fix bug in Import sheet - Find Value formula.

Add Xref Layer object.


Fix bug in Owner Name (the owner block's name) of Attribute Reference.

Add Width Factor and ObliqueAngle properties to Text, Attribute and Attribute Reference objects.


Fix bug in Owner Name filter.

Fix bug when hidden rows are included in drawings and commands selection.

Text replacement function upgrade.

Added support for AutoCADĀ® 2017

No change in version number.


Replace Log Window by Log Spreadsheet.

Fix bugs for working with Excel language packs other than English.

Minor bugs fixed.


Minor bug fixed.

Drawings backup folder is set to one place, and can be change via Help worksheet.

Initial Release: April 2015