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JTB Align Plus 3.4 app for AutoCAD released.


DWG Columns 2.1 released.


JTB Current Folder 1.1 for AutoCAD released.


JTB Text Bubble Plus 1.6 released as well as Text Bubble app for AutoCAD.


Engco for rebar detailing released.


JTB Sheet Set Creator 1.3 released.


SmartPurger 3.6 released. Script and batch processing for AutoCAD


JTB FlexReport 8.1 released. Time to upgrade or request a free fully functional trial. Your network license assessment companion.


AutoCAD 2015, and other Autodesk 2015 products released.


SSMPropEditor 5.1 released. Makes it easy to edit properties on multiple sheets in AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager. Request a free fully functional trial.


DigSigStamp for AutoCAD 1.2 released.


DimNotes for AutoCAD 1.3 released.


Batch Publish for AutoCAD 2.0 released. Mass produce PDF and/or DWF


DimensionPatrol 1.2 released. Highlight edited dimensions for AutoCAD.


TransTips 1.2 released. Translated tooltips for AutoCAD.


OffsetInXref 1.2 released. Better Offset for AutoCAD.


HVACPAC AutoCAD plug-in for HVAC and Piping work.


AutoCAD Automation Tools 4.1 released. Batch create and update drawings. For example change title block text on hundreds of drawings automatically.


UnitCAD for AutoCAD, plug-in for AutoCAD automation with parameters.


HTools AutoCAD productivity tools.

We can help you with software design, development, customization, integration, BIM, CAD, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture (ACA/ADT), Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, Revit Structure, AutoLISP, VBA, VB, VB.NET, C#, databases, Access, SQL Server, FlexNet (FLEXlm), license usage reporting and more. Please feel free to be inspired, download freeware or if you want some software developed, customization or anything else done that you can come up with that we might help you with you're welcome to contact us with an inquiry.

JTB FlexReport

gives you graphic chart reports or detailed list reports on your usage of FlexNet / FLEXlm, IBM LUM, SPLM, 12D, SLM/Sentinel LM/Sentinel RMS, LM-X, LICMAN, RLM (Reprise License Manager), Ranorex, Venturis, Vertex licensed applications, etc.
Free fully functional trial available. Look at an introduction on YouTube or PowerPoint.


The histogram license report helps to determine your license need and when it is time to add or remove licenses and how many. Several other report types like for example min/max per day or hours reports are available in JTB FlexReport making it easier to make sure there are enough licenses available.

JTB FlexReport LT is a freeware for HTML reports showing FlexNet usage.


software for batch purging, cleaning and scripting of multiple AutoCAD DWG drawings. Useful for all your automation needs. Free fully functional trial available.


Edit properties on multiple sheets belonging to AutoCAD's Sheet Set Manager (SSM) or AutoCAD Architecture's Project Navigator (PN) Sheet Set View with ease. If you want to change properties like a revision, date or name on two or more sheets at the same time SSMPropEditor is for you.

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