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Report tool for software using FlexNet / FLEXlm. Free trial available.

Web site: JTB FlexReport

Item Price: $400 USD or more depending on the amount of concurrent network licenses it should handle (around 2500 USD for up to 300 licenses to report on)

Description: JTB FlexReport is a report tool for applications using the FlexNet / FLEXlm or 12D software licensing. Produce graphic or detailed reports that will helps you to manage and forecast license usage at your company. Is SAMsuite, SAMreport or FlexNet Manager a too expensive product or SAMreport-Lite not enough? Do you want better license statistics? Then take a good look at JTB FlexReport.

Software for batch purging, cleaning and scripting of multiple AutoCAD DWG drawings. Free trial available

Web site: SmartPurger

Item Price:  40 USD per license or less

Description: SmartPurger is a batch and script utility for processing multiple AutoCAD drawings with full control. Execute LSP or SCR files on multiple drawings. SmartPurger handles crashes so the AutoCAD batch processing continues to the end and leaves bad drawings to be corrected.

Automate creation and updates on drawings. Free trial available.

Web site: JTB CAD Automation Tools

Item Price: 32 USD per license or less

Description: Multiple drawings can be automatically created from a typical drawing or updated based on a control file that can be created with an Excel template. Make the changes in Excel and let the program do all the work for you. This is a real time saver if you need to make adjustments on hundreds or thousands of drawings.


AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager Properties Editor. Free trial available

Web site: SSMPropEditor

Item Price: 50 USD per license or less

Description: Edit properties on multiple sheets in AutoCAD's Sheet Set Manager with ease. If you want to change properties like a revision, date or name on two or more sheets at the same time SSMPropEditor is for you.

Automate AutoCAD with database information to be synchronized with block attribute values

Web site: ACAD_db

Item Price: 75 USD per license or less

Description: Now you can use AutoCAD together with your external database and sync values back and forth.

Automate AutoCAD Architecture with database information to be synchronized with Property Set values

Web site: ACA_db

Item Price: 75 USD per license or less

Description: Now you can use AutoCAD Architecture more fully in your BIM process. Property Set values can automatically be updated with values that you have available and updated in an external database.

Add notes to your drawings as reminders. Free trial available

Web site: DwgNotes

Item Price: 2.5 USD per license or less

Description: Add invisible notes on drawings that you and others can be notified about

Windows Explorer extension for DWG files. Freeware also available

Web site: DWG Columns for Explorer

Item Price: 12.5 USD per license or less

Freeware showing only DWG version available.

Description: Show the DWG properties in Explorer columns or even in file dialog boxes within AutoCAD. Back to Top

Infotips for DWG files.Freeware also available

Web site: DwgInfoTip

Item Price: 2.5 USD per license or less

Description: Show the DWG properties as an Infotip (tooltip) in Explorer or even from file dialog boxes within AutoCAD.

publish PDF and/or DWF. Free trial available.

Web site: Batch Publish for AutoCAD

Item Price: 10 USD per license or less

Description: This AutoCAD app simplifies the process of publishing (plotting) sets of drawings to DWF and/or PDF.

Create Sheet Sets for SSM or PN in AutoCAD/ADT/ACA

Web site: JTB Sheet Set Creator

Item Price: 40 USD per license or less

AutoCAD app for steel shape drafting. Trial available.

Web site: JTB Steel

Item Price: 75 USD per license or less

Trial Available

Description: JTB Steel is an app running inside AutoCAD®, adding powerful command features to help you draw simple and complex steelwork frames and details efficiently.

App for AutoCAD to align objects. Trial available.

Web site: JTB Align Plus

Item Price: 10 USD per license or less

Trial Available

Description: Align text or other objects on lines, arcs, polylines, featuring many other "plus" commands.

AutoCAD app. Trial available.

Web site: JTB Text Bubble Plus

Item Price: 9 USD per license or less

Trial available.

Description: A professional version of Text Bubble. You can insert text bubbles to lines, curves, or draw leaders with it, or quickly making a schedule from text bubbles and other blocks.

Clean up AutoCAD xrefs

Web site: XClipClean

Item Price: 50 USD per license or less

Description: XClipClean is a Xclip-cutter app for AutoCAD to clean up xrefs that been clipped so that the information that is outside the clip is removed. It works with both cleaning up the xrefs or binding the result. This is useful when you need to keep down the information and file size you want to redistribute.

For AutoCAD Architecture or verticals.Free trial available.

Web site:TimberTool

Item Price: 30 USD per license or less

Description: TimberTool makes it easy to convert closed polylines into mass elements and makes the bounding box width and depth correct for scheduling purposes.

DimNotes makes it easy to add dimension notes to dimension objects in AutoCAD. Free trial available.

Web site: DimNotes

Item Price: 2.5 USD per license or less

Description: The list with notes is saved to a file and can easily be edited. The note can be added to different locations, before, after, above and below existing dimension text. Associative dimension value is retained.

Highlight edited dimensions in AutoCAD. Free trial available.

Web site: DimensionPatrol

Item Price: 2 USD per license or less

Description: Dimension Patrol highlights dimensions in drawings for which the user has customized the dimension text and thus this app helps to ensure the quality of the drawings.

Digital Signature Stamp for AutoCAD

Web site: DigSigStamp

Item Price: 2 USD per license or less

Description: This app allows you to specify a block that will change its display when plotted to indicate whether the drawing had a valid digital signature at the time of plotting.

Tooltip translate for AutoCAD

Web site: TransTips

Item Price: 2 USD per license or less

Description: This app translates the contents of tooltips in AutoCAD® based products automatically into one of 43+ languages via Microsoft's Bing online translation service.

Freeware app for AutoCAD

Website: Spiro

Item Price: Freeware

Description: The Spiro freeware app can be used with Autodesk AutoCAD to create Spirograph™-like patterns.

Better Offset for AutoCAD.

Web site: OffsetInXref

Item Price: 2 USD per license or less

Description: The OffsetInXref app can be used to enable the OFFSET command to work with nested line contents of blocks and externally referenced drawings, associated arrays, dimensions and tables.

HTML Report tool for software using FlexNet / FLEXlm. Freeware.

Web site: JTB FlexReport LT

Item Price: Freeware

Description: JTB FlexReport LT is a freeware product from JTB World to create HTML reports on current usage of FlexNet/FLEXlm licenses.

Make changes in batch mode on multiple AutoCAD drawings

Web site: JTB Batch Change for AutoCAD

Item Price: 150 USD per license or less

Description: This powerful AutoCAD app gives you a lot of options to make changes on multiple drawings.

Web site: JTB Change Title for AutoCAD

Item Price: Freeware

Description: Makes it possible to change the title of AutoCAD based products.

Educational Plot Stamp Finder for AutoCAD DWG drawing files. Trial available.

Web site: EduFinder

Item Price: 38 USD per license or less

Trial available.

Description: Find and identify AutoCAD drawings (DWG) that contain the educational stamp.

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For AutoCAD or verticals. Free trial available.

Web site: JTB Catenary

Item Price: 30 USD per license or less Description: The JTB Catenary app for AutoCAD makes it easy to create or draw a catenary curve as a polyline by specifying the start and end point and the length and optionally a diameter (width) or sag.

Add shortcut to Current Folder in AutoCAD file dialog boxes.

Web site: JTB Current Folder

Item Price: 2 USD per license or less

Description: Everytime you want to open a drawing, or attach external references, insert drawing as block or want to create a block, you will have a Current Folder item on the left of your file selection dialog box (in the custom places area).


Web site: OsnapzBG

Item price: Freeware

Description: When the AutoCAD variable OSNAPZ is changed many have found it useful to have a more visual change to indicate its state. In verticals like AutoCAD Architecture you have a small button that indicates the state of the “Z lock” but some might want to even have the background color change just like the Block Editor changes the background color. With OsnapzBG loaded any change of OSNAPZ will also change the background and other specified colors depending on if OSNAPZ is set to 0 or 1. 

Web site: HTools

Item Price: 10 USD

Description: AutoCAD productivity tools.

Web site: Engco for rebar detailing

Item Price: 50 USD per 75 generated drawings

Description: Producing the rebar shop drawings as AutoCAD drawing (dwg) along with automatically generated bar bending schedules (BBS) as Excel Sheet.

Web site: HVACPAC

Description: AutoCAD app for HVAC and Piping work.

Web site: UnitCAD for AutoCAD

Description: UnitCAD automates the creation of drawings by defining reusable unit components stored inside a database and controlled through parameters.

Repath tool for SSM or PN in AutoCAD/ADT/ACA

Web site: Sheet Set Manager Path Edit

Item Price: 10 USD per license or less

Description: If your files that exist in a Sheet Set have moved, been relocated, repathed or the like this tool comes handy.

Export and Import classifications in AutoCAD Architecture or verticals

Web site: Classification Definition Tools

Item Price: 10 USD per license or less

Description: AutoCAD Architecture Classification Definitions cannot be exported or imported. With the help of ClassificationDefinitionTools this is possible.Some classification structures can be very large and complicated and this tool can help to avoid the need to type everything manually.


Web site: DWF Print

Item Price: Freeware

Description: Batch print DWF files quick and easy.


Web site: ADTListDefinition

Item Price: Freeware

Description: Import, create and export ListDefinitions quick and easy for AutoCAD Architecture.


Web site: Palette Auto-hide Speed

Item Price: Freeware

Description: Did you know that you can change the time it takes to show/hide or roll-up/roll-out the palette windows in AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture or other verticals when you have activated Auto-hide? It is possible but is not so obvious and easy. Until now.

Vuuch for AutoCAD

Close License Borrowed dialog boxes automatically available on Autodesk Exchange Apps as a freeware for AutoCAD and AutoCAD verticals.

Automatically close Select Shape File dialog boxes freeware

Creation of simple and advanced custom Revit plug-ins to automate tedious manual work. Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP specific plug-ins have been created.

Program that creates text on multiple rows that follows a curve. The text can be on both sides of the curve and also be configured to always be readable (rotated as needed).

Program that connects points by either creating a 2D polyline or a 3D polyline. Points can be connected by command line entering. For example connect point 1-10, 15, 12 and 30-57.

Import from CVS file and create points and point data. For example used by Civil engineers.

Program for adding sask angle text between two lines that intersect. Program for adding sask distance text.

Program that adds bearings and distances on multiple lines or polyline segments as well as a summary with total distance, misclosure and closure.

We have created .NET applications that can extract detailed information about CAD objects like 3Dsolids and extract volume, vertex coordinates and more. This can be exported to Excel for example.

We have created a custom application that synchronizes information from block attributes in AutoCAD to Excel (it could be the other way as well). If you need something like that please contact us.

We made a custom software developed with .NET that could modify AutoCAD Data Links to automate changing the Cell format settings like "Use Excel formatting", "Keep table updated to Excel formatting", "Start with Excel formatting, do not update" either on selected tables or on all tables in a drawing. It also included an option to automatically update the data links.

Do you not like some notifications like unreconciled layer notification or non true dwg notification? Would you like them to be automatically closed? Would you like warnings for missing shp or shx files not showing up as soon as you open drawings? (Contact us for details)

Do you want to make plotting of drawings more easy? Maybe batch plot to different formats (PDF, PLT, DWF), paper sizes, plotters or printers at the same time with different copies, naming, etc. (Contact us for details)

We have created a solution for a CAD reseller that is for ADT (Architectural Desktop) and ACA (AutoCAD Architecture). It is extending functionality when it comes to spaces, area calculations and export of the information to XML formatted files. If you want anything developed please contact us.

Storage - A custom Access database solution. If you want an application done in Access feel free to contact us. We have deep and extensive experience in creating advanced applications based on Access for different purposes, reporting, engineering, purchasing, economy and more.

A custom solution for AutoCAD was created to read NavisWorks clash XML files and draw clash spheres in AutoCAD indicating where the clashes are.

We created a custom add-on for AutoCAD Architecture where rooms where created as well as having properties populated in property sets based on information in an Excel file.


We created a custom add-on for AutoCAD Architecture where multi-view blocks are placed within rooms based on information in an Excel file.

Excel can be customized to accomplish a lot of things and JTB World has a lot of experience automating and doing things with Excel that automates workflows. If you have needs for more functionality in Excel please contact us with you needs.

Batch plot plug-in for ProArc to manage that PDF files are plotted in the correct order using either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

Analyzing AutoCAD plot logs and creating custom reports.

AutoCAD plugin that automatically update a block attribute with the area from a polyline as soon as the polyline area is changed.

App for AutoCAD that removes or deletes all PDF references in a DWG or that detaches all PDF references.

Want to integrate and automate stamping of PDF files in your document handling system? We have the knowledge.

We have created an application that can extract all drawing properties from multiple DWG files and create a file of it that can be opened in Excel.

Batch renaming layers, text styles and linetypes in multiple drawings based on text files that contain the old and new names in a list. When multiple layers are renamed to one new layer they are merged together. Logging of the result is done.

Read and set values in SETNETWORKCATALOG dialog in Civil 3D using AutoLISP.

Automatically restore OPTIONS settings or other specific settings in AutoCAD to avoid problems if users edit them.

What custom development can we help you with. Contact us.