AutoCAD is a CAD (Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting) software application for 2D and 3D design and drafting. First released in December 1982 by Autodesk, AutoCAD was one of the first CAD programs to run on personal computers.


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Early releases of AutoCAD used primitive entities — lines, polylines, circles, arcs, and text — to construct more complex objects. Since the mid-1990s, AutoCAD has supported custom objects through its C++ Application Programming Interface (API). Modern AutoCAD includes a full set of basic solid modeling and 3D tools. With the release of AutoCAD 2007 came improved 3D modeling, which meant better navigation when working in 3D. Moreover, it became easier to edit 3D models. The mental ray engine was included in rendering, it was now possible to do quality renderings. AutoCAD 2010 introduced parametric functionality and mesh modeling.

AutoCAD supports a number of APIs for customization and automation. These include AutoLISP, Visual LISP, VBA, .NET and ObjectARX. ObjectARX is a C++ class library, which was also the base for products extending AutoCAD functionality to specific fields, to create products such as AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Civil 3D, or third-party AutoCAD-based applications.

AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT are available for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Russian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Vietnamese. The extent of localization varies from full translation of the product to documentation only. The AutoCAD command set is localized as a part of the software localization.

AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD Freestyle are built on the AutoCAD platform.

AutoCAD for Mac was released first in October 15th, 2010 and AutoCAD LT for Mac in August 2011.

AutoCAD WS is for iPad, iPod and iPhone and will be released during fall 2010. (Not built on the AutoCAD platform)


AutoCAD vertical products

Autodesk has also developed a few vertical programs, for discipline-specific enhancements. AutoCAD Architecture (formerly Architectural Desktop), Civil Design (last version was 2007), AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD P&ID, AutoCAD Plant 3D and AutoCAD Structural Detailing.


AutoCAD version history


Official Name Version in Registry acadver Release Date of release Comments
AutoCAD Version 1.0 N/A    1 1982, December DWG R1.0 file format introduced.
AutoCAD Version 1.2 N/A    2 1983, April DWG R1.2 file format introduced.
AutoCAD Version 1.3 N/A    3 1983, August  
AutoCAD Version 1.4 N/A    4 1983, October DWG R1.4 file format introduced.
AutoCAD Version 2.0 N/A    5 1984, October DWG R2.05 file format introduced.
AutoCAD Version 2.1 N/A    6 1985, May DWG R2.1 file format introduced.
AutoCAD Version 2.5 N/A    7 1986, June DWG R2.5 file format introduced.
AutoCAD Version 2.6 N/A    8 1987, April DWG R2.6 file format introduced. Last version to run without a math co-processor.
AutoCAD Release 9 N/A    9 1987, September DWG R9 file format introduced. aka White Album
AutoCAD Release 10 N/A    10 1988, October DWG R10 file format introduced. aka Abbey Road
AutoCAD Release 11 N/A    11 1990, October DWG R11 file format introduced. aka Let it Be
AutoCAD Release 12 N/A    12 1992, June DWG R11/R12 file format introduced. Last release for Apple Macintosh.
AutoCAD Release 13 N/A     13 1994, November DWG R13 file format introduced. Last release for Unix, MS-DOS and Windows 3.11.
AutoCAD Release 14 N/A 14.0h (Hardware Lock) or 14.01h (Hardware Lock) 14 1997, February DWG R14 file format introduced. aka Sedone and PInetop for 14.01
AutoCAD 2000 15.0 15.0 or 15.0h (Hardware Lock) 15 1999, March DWG 2000 file format introduced. aka Tahoe
AutoCAD 2000i 15.0 15.05 or 15.05s 16 2000, July aka Banff
AutoCAD 2002 15.0 15.06 or 15.06s 17 2001, June aka Kirkland
AutoCAD 2004 16.0 16.0s(LMS Tech) 18 2003, March DWG 2004 file format introduced. aka Red Deer
AutoCAD 2005 16.1 16.1s (LMS Tech) 19 2004, March aka Neo
.NET Framework 1.1
AutoCAD 2006 16.2 16.2s (LMS Tech) 20 2005, March aka Rio. Sheet Set Manager is added. 
.NET Framework 1.1 SP1
AutoCAD 2007 17.0 17.0s (LMS Tech) 21 2006, March DWG 2007 file format introduced. aka Postrio
.NET Framework 2.0
AutoCAD 2008 17.1 17.1s (LMS Tech) 22 2007, March Annotative Objects introduced. First release for the x86-64 versions of Windows XP and Vista. aka Spago
.NET Framework 2.0
AutoCAD 2009 17.2 17.2s (LMS Tech) 23 2008, March Revisions to the user interface including the option of a Microsoft Office 2007-like tabbed ribbon. aka Raptor
.NET Framework 3.0
AutoCAD 2010 18.0 18.0s (LMS Tech) 24 2009, March 24 DWG 2010 file format introduced. Parametrics introduced. Mesh 3D solid modeling introduced. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD LT 2010 are compatible with and supported under Microsoft Windows 7. aka Gator
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
AutoCAD 2011 18.1 18.1s (LMS Tech) 25 2010, March 25 Surface Modeling, Surface Analysis and Object Transparency introduced. aka Hammer
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
AutoCAD 2012 18.2 18.2s (LMS Tech) 26 2011, March 22 Associative Array, Autodesk Exchange, Content Explorer, Fusion, Model Documentation, In-canvas Viewport control aka Ironman
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
AutoCAD 2013 19.0 19.0s (LMS Tech) 27 2012, March 27 DWG 2013 file format introduced. Offset Preview, Command Line Update, Surface Curve Extraction, Import Inventor Files. Enhancements of Array, PressPull, Point Cloud, Model Documentation. Aka Jaws
.NET Framework 4.0
AutoCAD 2014 19.1 19.1s (LMS Tech) 28 2013, March 26 Command Line Enhancements, Binary Security, File Tabs, Autodesk 360, Design Feed, Geolocation, Reality Capture, Point Cloud. Aka Keystone
.NET Framework 4.0
AutoCAD 2015 20.0 20.0s (LMS Tech) 29 2014, March 27 NewTab, dark color scheme,  Ribbon galleries, line smoothing, lasso selection, model space viewport enhancements, Mtext enhancements, reality capture and point cloud enhancements, Design Feed enhancements,    Aka Longbow
.NET Framework 4.5
AutoCAD 2016 20.1 20.1s (LMS Tech) 30 2015, March 20 New physically based path tracing render engine replaces previous one
Aka Maestro
.NET Framework 4.5
AutoCAD 2017 21.0 21.0s (LMS Tech) 31 2016, March 21 PDF Import, Associative Center Marks and Centerlines
Aka Nautilus
.NET Framework 4.5

AutoCAD for Mac

Official Name Date of release Comments
AutoCAD for Mac 1992, June  
AutoCAD for Mac 2011 2010, October 15 aka SledgeHammer
AutoCAD for Mac 2012 2011, August aka Iron Maiden
AutoCAD LT for Mac 2012 2011, August aka Ferris
AutoCAD for Mac 2013 2012, March aka Jaws
AutoCAD LT for Mac 2013 2012, March  
AutoCAD for Mac 2014 2012, October aka Sandstone
AutoCAD LT for Mac 2014 2012, October  

AutoCAD Architecture version history

Official name Version Release Date of release Comments
AutoCAD Architectural Desktop 1 N/A 1 1998, October Platform: AutoCAD R14
AutoCAD Architectural Desktop 2 15.0 2 1999, July Platform: AutoCAD 2000
AutoCAD Architectural Desktop 2i 15.1 (port only) 2000, July Platform: AutoCAD 2000i
AutoCAD Architectural Desktop 3 15.1 3 2000, December Platform: AutoCAD 2000i
AutoCAD Architectural Desktop 3.3 15.6 (port only) 2001, June Platform: AutoCAD 2002
Architectural Desktop 2004 16.0 4 2003, March Platform: AutoCAD 2004
Architectural Desktop 2005 16.1 5 2004, April Platform: AutoCAD 2005
Architectural Desktop 2006 16.2 6 2005, April Platform: AutoCAD 2006
Architectural Desktop 2007 17.0 7 2006, April Platform: AutoCAD 2007
AutoCAD Architecture 2008 17.1 8 2007, March Platform: AutoCAD 2008
AutoCAD Architecture 2009 17.2 9 2008, March Platform: AutoCAD 2009; first release available for the x86-64 windows version of XP and Vista.
AutoCAD Architecture 2010 18.0 10 2009, March Platform: AutoCAD 2010
AutoCAD Architecture 2011 18.1 11 2010, March Platform: AutoCAD 2011
AutoCAD Architecture 2012 18.2 12 2011, March 22 Platform: AutoCAD 2012
AutoCAD Architecture 2013 19.0 13 2012, March 27 Platform: AutoCAD 2013
AutoCAD Architecture 2014 19.1 14 2013, March 26 Platform: AutoCAD 2014
AutoCAD Architecture 2015 20.0 15 2014, March 27 Platform: AutoCAD 2015
AutoCAD Architecture 2016 20.1 16 2015, March 20 Platform: AutoCAD 2016
AutoCAD Architecture 2017 21.0 17 2016, March 30 Platform: AutoCAD 2017


VERNUM with _ as in _VERNUM show what version and service pack or update it is.


AutoCAD version Value returned by _VERNUM
AutoCAD 2000 (shipping) T.0.98 / T.1.07
AutoCAD 2000 (+ Service Pack 1) T.1.08
AutoCAD 2000 (+ Service Pack 2) T.1.09
AutoCAD 2000i (shipping) U.0.90
AutoCAD 2000i (+ Service Pack 1) U.1.20
AutoCAD 2000i (+ Service Pack 2) U.1.81
AutoCAD 2002 (shipping) K.0.30
AutoCAD 2002 (+ Service Pack 1) K.0.44
AutoCAD 2004 (shipping) V.0.86
AutoCAD 2004 (+ Service Pack 1a) V.1.22
AutoCAD 2005 (shipping) N.0.63
AutoCAD 2005 (+ Service Pack 1) N.0.84
AutoCAD 2006 (shipping) Z.54.10
AutoCAD 2006 (+ Service Pack 1) Z.77.0
AutoCAD 2007 (shipping) A.54.0
AutoCAD 2007 (+ Service Pack 1) A.116.0
AutoCAD 2008 (shipping) B.51.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2008 (+ Service Pack 1) B.219.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2009 (shipping) C.56.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2009 (+ Service Pack 1) C.111.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2009 (+ Service Pack 1 (subscription)) C.112.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2009 (+ Service Pack 2) C.608.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2009 (+ Service Pack 3) C.711.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2010 (shipping) D.55.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2010 (+ Service Pack 1) D.215.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2011 (shipping) E.49.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2011 (+ Update 1.1)
Update 1 was replaced.
E.115.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2011 (+ Update 2) E.209.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2012 (shipping) F.51.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2012 (+ Service Pack 1) F.107.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2012 (+ Service Pack 2) F.205.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2013 G.55.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2013 (+ Service Pack 1) G.112.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2013 (+ Service Pack 1.1) G.114.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2013 (+ Service Pack 2) G.204.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2014 I.18.0.100 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2014 (+ Service Pack 1) I.108.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2015 J.51.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2015 (+ Service Pack 1) J.104.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2015 (+ Service Pack 2) J.210.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2016 M.49.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2016 SP1 M.107.0.0 (UNICODE)
AutoCAD 2017 N.52.0.0 (UNICODE)


DWG Version History

DWG ("drawing") is a file format used for storing two and three dimensional design data and metadata. The .bak (drawing backup), .dws (drawing standards), .dwt (drawing template) and .sv$ (temporary automatic save) files are also DWG files.


VersionInternal versionAutoCAD versions
DWG R1.0 MC0.0 AutoCAD Release 1.0
DWG R1.2 AC1.2 AutoCAD Release 1.2
DWG R1.40 AC1.40 AutoCAD Release 1.40
DWG R2.05 AC1.50 AutoCAD Release 2.05
DWG R2.10 AC2.10 AutoCAD Release 2.10
DWG R2.21 AC2.21 AutoCAD Release 2.21
DWG R2.22 AC1001, AC2.22 AutoCAD Release 2.22
DWG R2.50 AC1002 AutoCAD Release 2.50
DWG R2.60 AC1003 AutoCAD Release 2.60
DWG R9 AC1004 AutoCAD Release 9
DWG R10 AC1006 AutoCAD Release 10
DWG R11/12 AC1009 AutoCAD Release 11, AutoCAD Release 12
DWG R13 AC1012 AutoCAD Release 13
DWG R14 AC1014 AutoCAD Release 14
DWG 2000 AC1015 AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD 2000i, AutoCAD 2002
DWG 2004 AC1018 AutoCAD 2004, AutoCAD 2005, AutoCAD 2006
DWG 2007 AC1021 AutoCAD 2007, AutoCAD 2008, AutoCAD 2009
DWG 2010 AC1024 AutoCAD 2010, AutoCAD 2011, AutoCAD 2012
DWG 2013 AC1027 AutoCAD 2013, AutoCAD 2014, AutoCAD 2015, AutoCAD 2016, AutoCAD 2017

AutoCAD registry details


What is 8001:409?

R18.0 is the release number, for AutoCAD 2010. (AutoCAD 2011 is R18.1 and 2012 is R18.2)

These digits like 8000:419 are a ProductID (8000) and a LocaleID (419).

The ProductID structure is a 4-digit value. However, prior to AutoCAD 2006, the ProductID structure was only 3-digits with a single [p] value. Due to the number of products based on AutoCAD, in AutoCAD 2006 structure was changed to 4-digits.

From AutoCAD 2006 forward, the structure is configured as "[n][r][pp]", where:
[n] = Number representing AutoCAD base release (see below)
[r] = Release number within AutoCAD base, reset to zero for every new n
[pp] = Product based on AutoCAD (see below)

ProductID Assignments (Assigned [n] Values)

0 = AutoCAD 2017
F = AutoCAD 2016
E = AutoCAD 2015
D = AutoCAD 2014

B = AutoCAD 2013
A = AutoCAD 2012
9 = AutoCAD 2011
8 = AutoCAD 2010
7 = AutoCAD 2009
6 = AutoCAD 2008
5 = AutoCAD 2007
4 = AutoCAD 2006
3 = AutoCAD 2005
2 = AutoCAD 2004
1 = AutoCAD 2002

The LocaleID structure is a 4-character hex representation of the product's locale / language.
Here is a list of LocaleID - Language Abbreviation - Language
409 ENU English
407 DEU German
040C FRA French
410 ITA Italian
040A ESP Spanish
415 PLK Polish
040E HUN Hungarian
405 CSY Czech
419 RUS Russian
416 PTB Brazilian Portuguese
804 CHS Simplified Chinese
404 CHT Traditional Chinese
412 KOR Korean
411 JPN Japanese

ProductID's for AutoCAD 2017-based products:
0001 AutoCAD

ProductID's for AutoCAD 2016-based products:
F001 AutoCAD

ProductID's for AutoCAD 2015-based products:
E001 AutoCAD

ProductID's for AutoCAD 2014-based products:
D001 AutoCAD

ProductID's for AutoCAD 2013-based products:
B001 AutoCAD

ProductID's for AutoCAD 2012-based products:

A000 Autodesk Civil 3D
A001 AutoCAD (Registry Cookies: ACAD-8001; ARD-8001)
A001 DwgViewer (Registry Cookie: DWGVIEWR-8001)
A00A AutoCAD OEM (Registry Cookie: AOEM-8001)
A002 Map
A003 Inventor Series (AIS)
A004 AutoCAD Architecture
A005 AutoCAD Mechanical (ACADM)
A006 Building Systems
A007 AutoCAD Electrical (ACADE)
A008 Land Desktop
A009 AutoCAD LT (Registry Cookie: ACLT-8001)
A012 ADT for Raster Design
A013 Inventor Professional (AIP)
A014 Inventor Professional for Routed Systems (AIPRS)
A015 Inventor Professional for Simulation (AIPSIM)
A016 AutoCAD P & ID - 2D
A017 AutoCAD Plant 3D
A018 Civil 3D Land Desktop Companion
A022 Autodesk Utility Design
A023 Autodesk Topobase Client
A024 Autodesk Civil
A028 DWG TrueView
A029 AutoCAD ecscad
A030 AutoCAD Structural Detailing

ProductID's for AutoCAD 2011-based products:

9000 Autodesk Civil 3D
9001 AutoCAD (Registry Cookies: ACAD-8001; ARD-8001)
9001 DwgViewer (Registry Cookie: DWGVIEWR-8001)
900A AutoCAD OEM (Registry Cookie: AOEM-8001)
9002 Map
9003 Inventor Series (AIS)
9004 AutoCAD Architecture
9005 AutoCAD Mechanical (ACADM)
9006 Building Systems
9007 AutoCAD Electrical (ACADE)
9008 Land Desktop
9009 AutoCAD LT (Registry Cookie: ACLT-8001)
9012 ADT for Raster Design
9013 Inventor Professional (AIP)
9014 Inventor Professional for Routed Systems (AIPRS)
9015 Inventor Professional for Simulation (AIPSIM)
9016 AutoCAD P & ID - 2D
9017 AutoCAD Plant 3D
9018 Civil 3D Land Desktop Companion
9022 Autodesk Utility Design
9023 Autodesk Topobase Client
9024 Autodesk Civil
9028 DWG TrueView
9029 AutoCAD ecscad
9030 AutoCAD Structural Detailing

Assigned ProductID's for 2010-based products

8000 Autodesk Civil 3D
8001 AutoCAD (Registry Cookies: ACAD-8001; ARD-8001)
8001 DwgViewer (Registry Cookie: DWGVIEWR-8001)
800A AutoCAD OEM (Registry Cookie: AOEM-8001)
8002 Map
8003 Inventor Series (AIS)
8004 AutoCAD Architecture
8005 AutoCAD Mechanical (ACADM)
8006 Building Systems
8007 AutoCAD Electrical (ACADE)
8008 Land Desktop
8009 AutoCAD LT (Registry Cookie: ACLT-8001)
8012 ADT for Raster Design
8013 Inventor Professional (AIP)
8014 Inventor Professional for Routed Systems (AIPRS)
8015 Inventor Professional for Simulation (AIPSIM)
8016 AutoCAD P & ID - 2D
8017 AutoCAD Plant 3D
8018 Civil 3D Land Desktop Companion
8022 Autodesk Utility Design
8023 Autodesk Topobase Client
8024 Autodesk Civil
8028 DWG TrueView
8029 AutoCAD ecscad
8030 AutoCAD Structural Detailing

Product ID's for 2009 based products:

R17.2\ACAD-7000:<LANG> = Autodesk Civil 3D
R17.2\ACAD-7001:<LANG> = AutoCAD (Registry Cookies: ACAD-7001; ARD-7001)
R17.2\ACAD-7001:<LANG> = DwgViewer (Registry Cookie: DWGVIEWR-7001)
R17.2\ACAD-700A:<LANG> = AutoCAD OEM (Registry Cookie: AOEM-7001)
R17.2\ACAD-7002:<LANG> = Map
R17.2\ACAD-7003:<LANG> = Inventor Series (AIS)
R17.2\ACAD-7004:<LANG> = AutoCAD Architecture
R17.2\ACAD-7005:<LANG> = AutoCAD Mechanical (ACADM)
R17.2\ACAD-7006:<LANG> = Building Systems
R17.2\ACAD-7007:<LANG> = AutoCAD Electrical (ACADE)
R17.2\ACAD-7008:<LANG> = Land Desktop
R17.2\ACAD-7009:<LANG> = AutoCAD LT (Registry Cookie: ACLT-7001)
R17.2\ACAD-7012:<LANG> = ADT for Raster Design
R17.2\ACAD-7013:<LANG> = Inventor Professional (AIP)
R17.2\ACAD-7014:<LANG> = Inventor Professional for Routed Systems (AIPRS)
R17.2\ACAD-7015:<LANG> = Inventor Professional for Simulation (AIPSIM)
R17.2\ACAD-7016:<LANG> = AutoCAD P & ID - 2D
R17.2\ACAD-7017:<LANG> = AutoCAD Plant 3D
R17.2\ACAD-7018:<LANG> = Civil 3D Land Desktop Companion
R17.2\ACAD-7022:<LANG> = Autodesk Utility Design
R17.2\ACAD-7023:<LANG> = Autodesk Topobase Client
R17.2\ACAD-7028:<LANG> = DWG TrueView

Product ID's for 2008 based products:

R17.1\ACAD-6000:<LANG> = Autodesk Civil 3D
R17.1\ACAD-6001:<LANG> = AutoCAD
R17.1\AOEM-600A:<LANG> = AutoCAD OEM
R17.1\ACAD-6002:<LANG> = Autodesk Map 3D
R17.1\ACAD-6003:<LANG> = Mechanical Desktop for Autodesk Inventor Series
R17.1\ACAD-6004:<LANG> = AutoCAD Architecture
R17.1\ACAD-6005:<LANG> = AutoCAD Mechanical
R17.1\ACAD-6006:<LANG> = AutoCAD MEP
R17.1\ACAD-6007:<LANG> = AutoCAD Electrical
R17.1\ACAD-6008:<LANG> = Autodesk Land Desktop
R17.1\ACAD-6009:<LANG> = AutoCAD LT
R17.1\ACAD-6012:<LANG> = Autodesk Architectural Desktop with Autodesk Raster Design
R17.1\ACAD-6013:<LANG> = Mechanical Desktop for Autodesk Inventor Professional
R17.1\ACAD-6014:<LANG> = Mechanical Desktop for Autodesk Inventor Professional Routed Systems
R17.1\ACAD-6015:<LANG> = Mechanical Desktop for Autodesk Inventor Professional Simulation
R17.1\ACAD-6016:<LANG> = AutoCAD P & ID
R17.1\ACAD-6022:<LANG> = Autodesk Utility Design
R17.1\ACAD-6023:<LANG> = Autodesk Topobase Client

Product ID's for 2007 based products:

R17.0\ACAD-5000:<LANG> = Autodesk Civil 3D
R17.0\ACAD-5001:<LANG> = AutoCAD
R17.0\AOEM-500A:<LANG> = AutoCAD OEM
R17.0\ACAD-5002:<LANG> = Autodesk Map 3D
R17.0\ACAD-5003:<LANG> = Mechanical Desktop for Autodesk Inventor Series
R17.0\ACAD-5013:<LANG> = Mechanical Desktop for Autodesk Inventor Professional
R17.0\ACAD-5004:<LANG> = Autodesk Architectural Desktop
R17.0\ACAD-5005:<LANG> = AutoCAD Mechanical
R17.0\ACAD-5006:<LANG> = Autodesk Building Systems
R17.0\ACAD-5007:<LANG> = AutoCAD Electrical
R17.0\ACAD-5008:<LANG> = Autodesk Land Desktop
R17.0\ACAD-5009:<LANG> = AutoCAD LT
R17.0\ACAD-5012:<LANG> = Autodesk Architectural Desktop with Autodesk Raster Design
R17.0\ACAD-5022:<LANG> = Autodesk Utility Design

Product ID's for 2006 based products:

R16.2\ACAD-4001:<LANG> = AutoCAD (Reg Cookies: ACAD-4001)
R16.2\ACAD-4002:<LANG> = Map
R16.2\ACAD-4003:<LANG> = Mechanical Desktop for AIS
R16.2\ACAD-4004:<LANG> = Architectural Desktop
R16.2\ACAD-4005:<LANG> = AutoCAD Mechanical
R16.2\ACAD-4006:<LANG> = Building Systems
R16.2\ACAD-4007:<LANG> = AutoCAD Electrical
R16.2\ACAD-4008:<LANG> = Land Desktop
R16.2\ACAD-4009:<LANG> = AutoCAD LT (Reg Cookie: ACLT-4001)
R16.2\AOEM-4001:<LANG> = AutoCAD OEM
R16.2\ACAD-4013:<LANG> = Mechanical Desktop for AIP
R16.2\ACAD-4022:<LANG> = Autodesk Utility Design
R16.2\ACAD-4000:<LANG> = Autodesk Civil 3D
R16.2\ACAD-4012:<LANG> = Architectural Desktop w/Raster Design

Product ID's for 2005 based products:

R16.1\ACAD-301:<LANG> = AutoCAD (Reg Cookies: ACLT-301; AOEM-301; ARD-301)
R16.1\ACAD-302:<LANG> = Map
R16.1\ACAD-303:<LANG> = Mechanical Desktop for AIS
R16.1\ACAD-304:<LANG> = Architectural Desktop
R16.1\ACAD-305:<LANG> = AutoCAD Mechanical
R16.1\ACAD-306:<LANG> = Building Systems
R16.1\ACAD-307:<LANG> = AutoCAD Electrical
R16.1\ACAD-308:<LANG> = Land Desktop
R16.1\ACAD-309:<LANG> = AutoCAD LT (Reg Cookie: ACLT-301)
R16.1\ACAD-30A:<LANG> = AutoCAD OEM (Reg Cookie: AOEM-301)
R16.1\ACAD-311:<LANG> = AutoCAD Neo X1
R16.1\ACAD-313:<LANG> = Mechanical Desktop for AIP

Product ID's for 2004 based products:

ACAD-201::<LANG> = AutoCAD
ACAD-202::<LANG> = AutoCAD MAP
ACAD-203::<LANG> = AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop
ACAD-204::<LANG> = AutoCAD Architectural Desktop
ACAD-205::<LANG> = AutoCAD Mechanical
ACAD-206::<LANG> = Building Systems
ACAD-207::<LANG> = AutoCAD Electrical
ACAD-208::<LANG> = Land Development Desktop
ACAD-213::<LANG> = Mechanical Desktop 2004 (Inventor)
ACAD-215::<LANG> = Mechanical 2004 DX English (Inventor)
ACAD-218::<LANG> = Civil Series 2004 English:
ACAD-223::<LANG> = Mechanical 2004 DX English

Civil Design 2004 English: Same as LDDT
Survey 2004 English: Same as LDDT


Here is a listing of the LocaleId which indicates the language. The LocaleId starts with the number 4, then it is immediately followed by a hexadecimal number indicating the language.


FYI: The hex number is defined in winnt.h e.g.

#define LANG_NEUTRAL 0x00
#define LANG_AFRIKAANS 0x36
#define LANG_ALBANIAN 0x1c
#define LANG_ARABIC 0x01
#define LANG_ARMENIAN 0x2b
#define LANG_ASSAMESE 0x4d
#define LANG_AZERI 0x2c
#define LANG_BASQUE 0x2d
#define LANG_BELARUSIAN 0x23
#define LANG_BENGALI 0x45
#define LANG_BULGARIAN 0x02
#define LANG_CATALAN 0x03
#define LANG_CHINESE 0x04
#define LANG_CROATIAN 0x1a
#define LANG_CZECH 0x05
#define LANG_DANISH 0x06
#define LANG_DUTCH 0x13
#define LANG_ENGLISH 0x09
#define LANG_ESTONIAN 0x25
#define LANG_FAEROESE 0x38
#define LANG_FARSI 0x29
#define LANG_FINNISH 0x0b
#define LANG_FRENCH 0x0c
#define LANG_GEORGIAN 0x37
#define LANG_GERMAN 0x07
#define LANG_GREEK 0x08
#define LANG_GUJARATI 0x47
#define LANG_HEBREW 0x0d
#define LANG_HINDI 0x39
#define LANG_HUNGARIAN 0x0e
#define LANG_ICELANDIC 0x0f
#define LANG_INDONESIAN 0x21
#define LANG_ITALIAN 0x10
#define LANG_JAPANESE 0x11
#define LANG_KANNADA 0x4b
#define LANG_KASHMIRI 0x60
#define LANG_KAZAK 0x3f
#define LANG_KONKANI 0x57
#define LANG_KOREAN 0x12
#define LANG_LATVIAN 0x26
#define LANG_LITHUANIAN 0x27
#define LANG_MACEDONIAN 0x2f
#define LANG_MALAY 0x3e
#define LANG_MALAYALAM 0x4c
#define LANG_MANIPURI 0x58
#define LANG_MARATHI 0x4e
#define LANG_NEPALI 0x61
#define LANG_NORWEGIAN 0x14
#define LANG_ORIYA 0x48
#define LANG_POLISH 0x15
#define LANG_PORTUGUESE 0x16
#define LANG_PUNJABI 0x46
#define LANG_ROMANIAN 0x18
#define LANG_RUSSIAN 0x19
#define LANG_SANSKRIT 0x4f
#define LANG_SERBIAN 0x1a
#define LANG_SINDHI 0x59
#define LANG_SLOVAK 0x1b
#define LANG_SLOVENIAN 0x24
#define LANG_SPANISH 0x0a
#define LANG_SWAHILI 0x41
#define LANG_SWEDISH 0x1d
#define LANG_TAMIL 0x49
#define LANG_TATAR 0x44
#define LANG_TELUGU 0x4a
#define LANG_THAI 0x1e
#define LANG_TURKISH 0x1f
#define LANG_UKRAINIAN 0x22
#define LANG_URDU 0x20
#define LANG_UZBEK 0x43
#define LANG_VIETNAMESE 0x2a


AutoCAD Product Keys

Product keys are required for installation of Autodesk products and are used to differentiate products that are both sold independently and as part of a product suite. More Autodesk Product Keys.

AutoCAD 2011 001C1
AutoCAD 2012 001D1
AutoCAD 2013 001E1
AutoCAD 2014 001F1
AutoCAD 2015 001G1
AutoCAD 2016 001H1
AutoCAD 2017 001I1


Version of FlexNet/FLEXlm license manager

If you are using a version of FlexNet/FLEXlm that is lower than what was shipped with your product, you will need to upgrade to the correct version or higher to ensure compatibility with Autodesk products.

The version of the FlexNet/FLEXlm license manager required for the corresponding version of AutoCAD® is as follows:

  • AutoCAD 2017 - Version
  • AutoCAD 2016 - Version
  • AutoCAD 2015 - Version 11.2
  • AutoCAD 2014 - Version 11.11
  • AutoCAD 2013 - Version
  • AutoCAD 2012 - Version
  • AutoCAD 2011 - Version
  • AutoCAD 2010 - Version 11.5
  • AutoCAD 2009 - Version
  • AutoCAD 2008 - Version
  • AutoCAD 2007 - Version 10.8.0
  • AutoCAD 2006 - Version 10.1.5
  • AutoCAD 2005 - Version 9.2.2
  • AutoCAD 2004 - Version 8.3a
  • AutoCAD 2002 - Version 7.1f


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