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;;; By Jimmy Bergmark
;;; Copyright (C) 1997-2006 JTB World, All Rights Reserved
;;; Website:
;;; E-mail:
;;; Change the hatch base point on one or many hatches
(defun c:hatchbase (/ oldos oldsn oldcmdecho i ent ss)
  (setq oldos (getvar "osmode"))
  (setq oldsn (getvar "snapbase"))
  (setq oldcmdecho (getvar "cmdecho"))
  (setvar "osmode" 47)
  (princ "\nSelect point you wish Hatch(s) to start from...")
  (command "._snapbase" pause)
  (princ "\nSelect Hatch(s) to adjust snapbase")
  (if (not (setq ss (ssget)))
    (alert "\n No Entities selected..... Please try again.")
      (setq i 0)
      (while (setq ent (ssname ss i))
	(command "._hatchedit" ent "" "" "" "")
	(setq i (1+ i))
  (setq ss nil)
  (setvar "snapbase" oldsn)
  (setvar "osmode" oldos)
  (setvar "cmdecho" oldcmdecho)