Change the way you work with the AVANTI-STARTUP APP

As a system administrator you will be able to view all your network PCs, identify their status (On or Off) start them, shut them down or restart them from your phone, from anywhere in the world as long as an internet connection is available.

A computer on for eight hours uses almost 600 kWh and emits 175 kg of CO2 per year. So leaving it turned on over a weekend just to be able to access it is not good for your organisation nor is it good for the environment. 

Make you managers happy by suggesting Avanti Start-App that also can make savings on the electricity bill.

During current pandemic times with COVID-19 Avanti Start-App is most helpful for distance home workers that use various means of remote desktop (RDP) to work on the computers located at the office.

No need to leave the organisation PCs turned on to gain remote access during or out of working hours.

Employees will also be able to use the Avanti Start-App using their domain\username & password. This will enable them to see their PC status (On-Off), start it, Shut it down or Restart it.

Start-App Personal

PC status.
Remote Operations, Refresh & Logout.
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Operational Benefits

Works with Windows Server Active Directory

Administrator Console

Connection over Ethernet

Works with iOS & Android

Supports all screen sizes
(Tablets, Phones)

Secure login

Start Restart & Shutdown

Computer status indicator

Works with Windows client OS

No installation on the PC required

Friendly intuitive user interface

You don't have to be in the office or in front of a PC

You may find as an administrator you are not stationary during work, you may spend time in meetings away from your desk or maybe your work tends to extend outside of hours where workers send you requests.

A Powerful Tool for Administrators.

You can manage the power status of all the client machines on the network, from a mobile device, in or out of the office. To improve productivity, we have incorporated a search feature allowing the administrator to pinpoint specific machines.

Start-App Admin
All PCs status.
Quick PC/User Search.
Refresh & Logout.

We will do installation and setup, with minimal footprint to your network.

We have secure servers that will allow your users to securely connect to your network over the internet and turn their registered PC on, once it's on, the office employee can VPN using whatever IT process you have in place.

It has never been easier to turn ON or OFF office machines.

The Avanti Start-App's intuitive interface clearly shows the administrator what PC's are on or off. From this interface you can change it's status in two taps. Select the PC then select the desired operation.

Start-App Admin
Remote Operations
Refresh & Logout.

Powerful features that are simple and user friendly.

Manage any workstation or laptop in the office, anticipating availability or utilisation of IT services whenever your users demand.

Comes with a set of filters to help administrators view groups of PCs that are assigned or un-assigned to users.

From the administrator interface you are able to view the remote operations on assigned and unassigned client machines. You can then amend or edit changes from the online Admin Console.

Start-App Admin
All PCs status.
Filters to distinguish between PCs.
Refresh & Logout.

Let us breakdown the benefits and view what it costs to get started

You could be saving money with these packages straight away and giving your employees the accessibility to be more productive on their own.

Small Business

If you have 1 to 49 employees
(this will include the licences to use the app, access to your own portal and free technical support for the first 6 months).

Setup Fee (Subject to survey)
$12 USD Per User / Yearly

Medium Business

If you have 50 to 150 employees
(this will include the licences to use the app, access your own portal and free technical support for the first 6 months).

Setup Fee (Subject to survey)
$10 USD Per User / Yearly

Enterprise Business

If you have 150+ employees
(this will include the licences to use the app, access to your own portal and free technical support for the first 6 months).

Setup Fee (Subject to survey)
Per User / Yearly (Contact us for quote)

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Apps by IT managers for IT managers because we Look after the IT system

We are a small in house IT managers group that like to incorporate Business IT infrastructure that is managed, secured & robust with Apps. Improving production for organisations without compromising on the IT manager parts and responsibility.

Apps by IT managers for IT managers. All our IT Apps will have key features that help and improve an IT managers work. More to come...

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