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JTB Sheet Set Creator is an app for AutoCAD that creates new Sheet Sets and Sheets based on an Excel template.

Sheet Set Properties can be populated.

Sheet Set Custom Properties can be defined, created and populated.

Sheet Properties can be populated.

Sheet Custom Properties can be defined, created and populated.

Sheets (drawings) can be defined, created and have their properties populated.


The trial period is 30 days from it's run the first time. Support is available during the trial as well as after purchase.

JTB Sheet Set Creator as AutoCAD app will install a Plug-Ins/Add-ins Ribbon tab panel in AutoCAD 2012 and newer versions as well as verticals.

A portable download with the possibility to get the files without the need run the installation can be made available upon request as well as support for older AutoCAD versions.

JTB Sheet Set Creator Trial can be downloaded and installed as an app from the Autodesk App Store site. Purchase is also available through this site.

If purchase has been done via Autodesk App Store the download is available on the Autodesk App Store My Downloads page. Sign in with the same account used when purchasing.

Contact us for alternative download link.


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System requirements

.NET Framework 4.0 or later - Download at Microsoft.com

Operating system - Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT (SP 6A), Windows 2000 (SP2), Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2012 Server.
Both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Microsoft Excel needs to be installed.

Compatible with AutoCAD versions (2012 and up to AutoCAD 2018) that has Sheet Set Manager (SSM). Works with all flavors/verticals based on AutoCAD like AutoCAD Architecture (ACA), AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Electrical , AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD MEP (AMEP, ABS), AutoCAD P&ID, AutoCAD Plant 3D.

JTB World is an Autodesk Authorised Developer



40 USD for one license of JTB Sheet Set Creator or less depending on the quantity of licenses.

Secure Online Payments and Credit Card Processing by BlueSnap

When your purchase is completed you will get an email with a link to the download.

If you have really many users that you want to give access to this software we can discuss a discounted price based on your particular situation. Educational discounts available.

The license is perpetual and support is included. If you have more than one computer and you are the only user of the application one license is enough.

Available payment methods depending on country where payment is done from: Local Bank Transfer (Canada), Wire Transfer to Canada, Interac e-Transfer, Cheque (to Canada). Via BlueSnap (Global Payment Gateway) these methods may be available (not a complete list as it is updated from time to time by BlueSnap): Credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Carte Bleue), PayPal, Local Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Real-time Bank Transfer, Electronic Check (ECP), Apple Pay, Skrill (Moneybookers), WebMoney, SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Direct Debit, Sofort, Giropay, iDeal and Alipay (SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Direct Debit, PaySafeCard, Ukash, cashU, Boleto Bancario, Boleto Bancario can be made available upon request) - Refund policy

JTB Sheet Set Creator can also be downloaded, installed and purchased as an app from the Autodesk App Store site. Use this link to purchase.


Setup procedure

Run JTBWorldIncJTBSheetSetCreator.msi or JTBWorldIncJTBSheetSetCreatorTrial.msi to install JTB Sheet Set Creator and follow the instructions. Default installation folder is
%appdata%\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\JTBW-SheetSetCreator.bundle. The trial is in JTBW-SheetSetCreator-Trial.bundle folder.

%appdata% is at the below location.

On Windows Vista and later %appdata% is:

On Windows XP %appdata% is:
%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data

%SystemDrive% is most often C:\ and {username} is the active users login identification. Easiest way to navigate to %appdata% or the full path including %appdata% is to press Win+R and enter %appdata% (or full path) and click OK, alternatively enter %appdata% (or full path) in Windows Explorer address bar and press enter.

License activation

On AutoCAD's command line enter the command JTBW_ACTIVATE_APPS and click on JTB Sheet Set Creator to show this dialog box.

Take note of the computer number and email to JTB World.

Normally you will receive the Activation Key within 24 hours. When received run JTBW_ACTIVATE_APPS click on JTB Sheet Set Creator and enter the Activation Key in the text box and press OK.

Contact us if you're interested in a network license.

First test usage

To make a first test on how it works take a look at 'Sheet Set Creator Template Sample.xlsx' found in either of these two locations.


Copy the SSCTest folder to for example C:\SSCTest for testing purposes.

Start the Create Sheet Set command from the Plug-ins/Add-ins tab or run JTBWSheetSetCreator on the command line.

Browse and select 'Sheet Set Creator Template Sample.xlsx' when asked for a file.

Review the result in C:\SSCTest and open the Sheet Set in AutoCAD.

Excel template

The empty Excel template 'Sheet Set Creator Template Empty.xlsx' is found in either of these two locations.


Here are the sheets explained.

Sheet Set Properties

The following properties are available:
Sheet set name
Sheet set description
Folder to store sheet set data file (.dst)
Create a folder hierarchy based on subsets
Page setup overrides files
Project number
Project name
Project phase
Project milestone
Sheet storage location
Sheet creation template
Sheet creation template layout
Prompt for template
Default Plot Location
Label Block For View - Drawing Path
Label Block For View - Block Name

Note: because AutoCAD displays empty field text as "----". To avoid that, you can let Sheet Set Creator replace empty property by an alternative empty text = Alt+0160 (Type "Alt 0160") or something else.

Note: Spaces are not a solution because AutoCAD Sheet Set has tendency to empty up space-only text.

Sheet Set Custom Properties

In the "Name" column specify the names of Sheet Custom Properties that should be created and in the "Default Value" column specify optionally the default value.

If the "Default Value" is "<Auto-Calculate-Total-Sheets>" it will be replaced by the number of sheets created for the sheet set.

Sheet Custom Properties

In the "Name" column specify the names of Sheet Custom Properties that should be created and in the "Default Value" column specify optionally the default value.


The following fixed properties are available:
Sheet Number
Sheet Title
File Name
Template Layout
Layout Name
Sheet Description
Revision number
Revision date

After the Category column any Sheet Custom Properties can be added. The name must match the name defined on the "Sheet Custom Properties" sheet.

Callout Blocks

Specify Drawing Path and optionally Blockname (leave empty if using entire drawing as callout block).

Model View Locations

Specify Model View Locations Folder Paths


Take a copy of 'Sheet Set Creator Template Empty.xlsx' and fill out the sheets.

Start the Create Sheet Set command from the Plug-ins/Add-ins tab or run JTBWSheetSetCreator on the command line.

Select the .xlsx file when asked for a file.

Wait until the command is ready, time to complete depends on the number of sheets to be created.

Optionally: After having created a Sheet Set DST file it can also be checked in to Vault.

More Sheet Set Manager resources:

Version History

Known issues in latest release and possibly older releases:

  • None

Most recent and previous versions:

  • 2017-09-28 - version 2.2
    • Network license implemented.
    • Added Default Plot Location to SheetSet Properties tab in the Excel template.
  • 2016-03-22 - version 2.1
    • Added support for AutoCAD® 2018
    • Added Subset New Sheet Location setting
  • 2016-12-13 - version 2.0
    • Add creation of subset
    • Add progression bar
    • New license activation method
    • Each sheet can be create from a specific template drawing
    • Add Label Block View, Model View Locations and Callout Blocks
    • Add feature to create multiple sheets in one drawing
    • Add option to replace empty sheet property to another text value
  • 2015-05-25 - version 1.4
    • Added support for AutoCAD® 2017
  • 2015-04-14 - version 1.3 update
    • Support for AutoCAD 2016 added
  • 2014-09-05 - version 1.3
    • Support for AutoCAD 2015 added as well as some minor adjustments.
  • 2014-06-29 - A beta update for AutoCAD 2015 is available upon request.
  • 2013-09-13 - version 1.2
    • First public release
  • 2012-12-17 - version 1.1
  • 2012-04-23 - version 1.0
    • First release


Function in the Excel template to copy Sheet Custom Properties to the Sheets "sheet" and create these as column headers.

License agreement

The license agreement is found here.

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Contact us for any questions, wishes or comments.

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Merge, purge and convert Sheet Set DST files for AutoCAD, BricsCAD and any other CAD software using Sheet Set DST files with our JTB DST Tool.

JTB Sheet Set Publish app publishes sheets in Sheet Sets to files like PDF and DWF with advanced naming functionality.

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