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URL (also called MURL) Description About Autodesk AutoCAD AutoCAD - Authorized Training Centers AutoCAD - Certified Hardware XML Database AutoCAD - Discussion Groups AutoCAD - Features AutoCAD - Free Trial AutoCAD - Graphics Hardware List AutoCAD - How to Buy AutoCAD - Services & Support AutoCAD - Tech Pubs AutoCAD - Training AutoCAD - Updates & Service Packs AutoCAD Architecture AutoCAD Architecture - Download AutoCAD Architecture - Services & Support AutoCAD Architecture - Training AutoCAD Civil 3D AutoCAD Civil 3D - Free Trial AutoCAD Civil 3D - Services & Support AutoCAD Civil 3D - Services & Support - Skill Builders AutoCAD Civil 3D - Training AutoCAD Civil 3D - Updates & Service Packs AutoCAD Civil 3D - Vault AutoCAD Electrical AutoCAD Electrical - Free Trial AutoCAD Electrical - How to Buy AutoCAD Electrical - Services & Support AutoCAD Electrical - Training AutoCAD Electrical - Updates & Service Packs AutoCAD Freestyle AutoCAD for Mac AutoCAD for Mac - Trial AutoCAD Land Desktop AutoCAD Land Desktop - How to Buy AutoCAD Land Desktop - Services & Support AutoCAD Land Desktop - Training AutoCAD LT AutoCAD LT AutoCAD LT - Free Trial AutoCAD LT - How to Buy AutoCAD LT - Services & Support AutoCAD LT - Training AutoCAD LT - Updates & Service Packs AutoCAD Map (links to AutoCAD Map 3D) AutoCAD Map 3D AutoCAD Map 3D - Downloads AutoCAD Map 3D - Features AutoCAD Map 3D - Free Trial AutoCAD Map 3D - Hot Issues AutoCAD Map 3D - How to Buy AutoCAD Map 3D - Services & Support AutoCAD Map 3D - Skill Builders AutoCAD Map 3D - Training AutoCAD Map 3D - Updates & Service Packs AutoCAD Mechanical AutoCAD Mechanical AutoCAD Mechanical - Free Trial AutoCAD Mechanical - How to Buy AutoCAD Mechanical - Services & Support AutoCAD Mechanical - Training AutoCAD Mechanical - Updates & Service Packs AutoCAD MEP AutoCAD MEP - Services & Support AutoCAD MEP - Training AutoCAD Migration Tools AutoCAD OEM AutoCAD P&ID AutoCAD P&ID - Free Trial AutoCAD P&ID - How to Buy AutoCAD P&ID - Services & Support AutoCAD P&ID - Training AutoCAD Raster Design AutoCAD Raster Design - Free Trial AutoCAD Raster Design - How to Buy AutoCAD Raster Design - Services & Support AutoCAD Raster Design - Training AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite - How to Buy AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite - How to Buy AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite - How to Buy AutoCAD TrustedDWG Autodesk Autodesk account sign-in Autodesk - Autodesk User Group International (AUGI) Autodesk - 3D Animation community Autodesk - 3D Animation community Autodesk - American Challenge Autodesk - Architecture Autodesk - Architecture, Engineering & Construction Autodesk - Architecture, Engineering & Construction Products Autodesk - Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Solutions Autodesk - Authorized Training Center (ATC) Events Autodesk - Authorized Training Centers Autodesk - Authorized Training Centers Autodesk - Autodesk University AU Autodesk - Automotive OEM Autodesk - Automotive Supplier Autodesk - Building Information Modeling (BIM) Autodesk - Career Site Autodesk - Certification Autodesk - Citrix Autodesk - Civil & Structural Engineering Autodesk - Civil Engineering and Construction Solutions Autodesk - Civil Engineering community Autodesk - Collaboration Solutions
Autodesk - Collaborative Project Management Autodesk - Commercial & Recreational Transportation Autodesk - Communities Autodesk - Communities Autodesk - Community Relations Autodesk - Construction Autodesk - Consumer Products Autodesk - Consulting Autodesk - Consulting Autodesk - Contact Autodesk - Contact Us Autodesk - Customer Error Reporting (CER) Autodesk - Design Institute (ACES) Autodesk - Discussion Group Ground Rules Autodesk - Discussion Groups Autodesk - Discussion Groups - RSS Feeds Autodesk - DWF Community Autodesk - DWFit Autodesk - DWG technology Autodesk - Education Autodesk - Education Autodesk - Education - How to Buy Autodesk - Education - Instructor Development Autodesk - Education - Locate a Reseller Autodesk - Education ADA Sample Curriculum CD Autodesk - Electric Utility Solutions - Build Autodesk - Electric Utility Solutions - Engineering Analysis Autodesk - Electric Utility Solutions - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Autodesk - Electric Utility Solutions - Inspection and Maintenance Autodesk - Electric Utility Solutions - One Call Autodesk - Electric Utility Solutions - Outage Response Autodesk - Electric Utility Solutions - Vehicle Tracking Autodesk - Electric Utility Solutions - View Work Autodesk - Events Autodesk - Events Autodesk - Everyday Edisons Autodesk - Film Autodesk - Games Autodesk - Geospatial Autodesk - Geospatial Autodesk - Geospatial Solutions Autodesk - Geospatial Solutions - FDO Data Access Technology Autodesk - Government Autodesk - Government Solutions Autodesk - Government Solutions - Request More Info Autodesk - Industrial Machinery Autodesk - Industrial Process Plants Autodesk - Infrastructure Solutions Autodesk - Integrated Project Delivery Autodesk - Investors Autodesk - Investors Autodesk - Jonathan Knowles Autodesk - Learning & Training Autodesk - Learning Tools Autodesk - Learning Tools Updates Autodesk - Legacy Program Autodesk - Legal Notices & Trademarks Autodesk - License Compliance and Report Piracy Autodesk - License Compliance and Report Piracy Autodesk - Licensing, Registration & Activation Autodesk - Licensing, Registration & Activation Autodesk - Location Services Autodesk - Location Services Autodesk - Location Services Solutions Autodesk - Manufacturing Autodesk - Manufacturing community Autodesk - Manufacturing Solutions Autodesk - MasterClasses Autodesk - Masters Program Autodesk - Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Systems Autodesk - Media & Entertainment Products Autodesk - Media & Entertainment Solutions Autodesk - Media & Entertainment Solutions - Events Autodesk - MyFeedback and Beta Autodesk - NFC Partner Portal Autodesk - NavisWorks Autodesk - NavisWorks Freedom Autodesk - NavisWorks - Support Autodesk - NavisWorks - Training Autodesk - Object Enablers Autodesk - Official Training Courseware (AOTC) Autodesk - One Team Web (OTW) Autodesk - Online Store Autodesk - Oracle Bundled Solutions Autodesk - Partner Products & Services Autodesk - Partners Autodesk - Phone Numbers Autodesk - Process Plants Autodesk - Plant Design products Autodesk - Plant Solutions Autodesk - Platinum Members Autodesk - Press Releases & News Alerts Autodesk - Press Room Autodesk - Press Room - Autodesk Maya Imagery Autodesk - Privacy Policy Autodesk - Process Plant Design Autodesk - Products Autodesk - Products Alphabetically Autodesk - Professional Services Autodesk - Purchase Options Autodesk - Real Estate Autodesk - RegisterOnce Autodesk - Research Autodesk - Reseller Center Autodesk - Reseller Center - Locate a Reseller Autodesk - Resellers Autodesk - RSS Feeds Autodesk - RSS Feeds - Create Custom Feed Autodesk - Search Autodesk - Services & Support Autodesk - Services & Support Autodesk - Solutions Autodesk - Solutions Autodesk - Solutions Autodesk - Store Autodesk - Strategic Partners Autodesk - strategic partnership with GlobeXplorer Autodesk - student software Autodesk - Students & Educators community Autodesk - Subscription Autodesk - Subscription Worldwide Autodesk - Support Request Autodesk - Sustainability Center Autodesk - Technical Publications Autodesk - Technical Support Autodesk - Television Autodesk - Training Autodesk - US Online Store Autodesk - Utilities & Telecommunications - Electric & Gas Autodesk - Utilities & Telecommunications - Telecommunications Autodesk - Utilities & Telecommunications - Water & Wastewater Autodesk - Worldwide Autodesk 3ds Max Autodesk 3ds Max - Free Trial Autodesk 3ds Max - How to Buy Autodesk 3ds Max - Imagery Autodesk 3ds Max - Services & Support Autodesk 3ds Max - System Requirements Autodesk 3ds Max - Training Autodesk 3ds Max - Updates & Service Packs Autodesk Alias - Membership Programs Autodesk AliasStudio Autodesk AliasStudio - Memberships Autodesk AliasStudio - Product Trial Autodesk AliasStudio - Services & Support Autodesk AliasStudio - Training Autodesk Architectural Desktop - How to Buy (links to AutoCAD Architecture) Autodesk Architectural Desktop - Services & Support (links to AutoCAD Architecture) Autodesk Architectural Desktop - Training (links to AutoCAD Architecture) Autodesk Architectural Desktop - Updates & Service Packs (links to AutoCAD Architecture) Autodesk Architectural Desktop (links to AutoCAD Architecture) Autodesk Architectural Desktop (links to AutoCAD Architecture) Autodesk Backdraft Conform Autodesk Backdraft Conform Autodesk Backdraft Conform - How to Buy Autodesk Backdraft Conform - Services & Support Autodesk Blockbusters Autodesk Blogs Autodesk Blogs Autodesk Bug Report Submission Autodesk Building Systems - How to Buy (replaced with AutoCAD MEP) Autodesk Building Systems - Services & Support (replaced with AutoCAD MEP) Autodesk Building Systems - Training (replaced with AutoCAD MEP) Autodesk Building Systems - Updates & Service Packs (replaced with AutoCAD MEP) Autodesk Building Systems (replaced with AutoCAD MEP) Autodesk Burn Autodesk Burn - How to Buy Autodesk Burn - Services & Support Autodesk Burn - Training Autodesk Buzzsaw Autodesk Buzzsaw Autodesk Buzzsaw - Free Trial Autodesk Buzzsaw - How to Buy Autodesk Buzzsaw - Services & Support Autodesk Buzzsaw - Terms of Use Autodesk Buzzsaw - Training Autodesk CAD Overlay (replaced with AutoCAD Raster Design) Autodesk Carbon Footprint Autodesk Civil 3D -Civil Design Companion - Services & Support Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program Autodesk Cleaner Autodesk Cleaner - Free Trial Autodesk Cleaner - How to Buy Autodesk Cleaner - Services & Support Autodesk Cleaner - Training Autodesk Cleaner XL Autodesk Cleaner XL - Free Trial Autodesk Cleaner XL - How to Buy Autodesk Cleaner XL - Services & Support Autodesk Cleaner XL - Training Autodesk Combustion Autodesk Combustion - Free Trial Autodesk Combustion - How to Buy Autodesk Combustion - Services & Support Autodesk Combustion - Training Autodesk Constructware Autodesk Constructware - How to Buy Autodesk Constructware - Services & Support Autodesk Constructware - Training Autodesk Crisis Command Autodesk Design Review Autodesk Design Review - Discussion Group Autodesk Design Review - Free Download Autodesk Design Review - AEC Autodesk Design Review - Services & Support Autodesk Design Review - Training Autodesk Developer Center Autodesk Developer Center - API Training & Consulting Autodesk Developer Center - AutoCAD Autodesk Developer Center - Autodesk Inventor Autodesk Developer Center (ADN) Autodesk Developer Center Autodesk DWF Toolkit Autodesk Developer Center ObjectARX Autodesk Digital Prototyping for Manufacturing Autodesk DWF - Gallery / Samples Autodesk DWF - HP Instant Printing Autodesk DWF - White Papers Autodesk DWF Community Autodesk DWF Community - Services & Support Autodesk DWF Composer - Services & Support (links to Autodesk Design Review) Autodesk DWF Composer (links to Autodesk Design Review) Autodesk DWF publishing Autodesk DWF Viewer Autodesk DWF Viewer - Services & Support Autodesk DWF Writer Autodesk DWF Writer - Free Download Autodesk FBX Autodesk FBX - Services & Support Autodesk Fire Autodesk Fire - How to Buy Autodesk Fire - Services & Support Autodesk Fire - Training Autodesk Flame Autodesk Flame - How to Buy Autodesk Flame - Services & Support Autodesk Flame - Training Autodesk Flint Autodesk Flint - How to Buy Autodesk Flint - Services & Support Autodesk Flint - Training Autodesk FMDesktop Autodesk FMDesktop - Product Overview CD Autodesk FMDesktop - Services & Support Autodesk Freewheel Autodesk GIS Design Server Autodesk GIS Design Server - Documentation Autodesk GIS Design Server - Features Autodesk GIS Design Server - How to Buy Autodesk GIS Design Server - Training Autodesk GIS Design Server - White Papers Autodesk Gmax Autodesk Gmax - Services & Support Autodesk Heidi Developer Guide Autodesk Heidi Development Kit Autodesk i-drop Autodesk ImageStudio Autodesk ImageStudio - Features & Specifications Autodesk ImageStudio - Services & Support Autodesk Impression Autodesk Impression - Free Trial Autodesk Impression - How to Buy Autodesk Impression - Services & Support Autodesk Impression store Autodesk Industrial Design community Autodesk Inferno Autodesk Inferno - How to Buy Autodesk Inferno - Services & Support Autodesk Inferno - Training Autodesk Inventor Autodesk Inventor - Free Trial Autodesk Inventor - How to Buy Autodesk Inventor - Services & Support Autodesk Inventor - Training Autodesk Inventor - Updates & Service Packs Autodesk Inventor 11 DWF Extension Autodesk Inventor Certified Applications Autodesk Inventor Series Autodesk Inventor Series - Services & Support Autodesk Inventor Series - Training Autodesk Inventor The Best Choice for AutoCAD Users Autodesk Inventor View Autodesk Labs Autodesk Labs - Freewheel Autodesk Labs - Project Showroom Autodesk Lightscape (links to VIZ) Autodesk Lustre Autodesk Lustre - How to Buy Autodesk Lustre - Services & Support Autodesk Lustre - Training Autodesk Lustre HD Autodesk MapGuide Autodesk MapGuide - Discussion Groups Autodesk MapGuide - How to Buy Autodesk MapGuide - Services & Support Autodesk MapGuide - Training Autodesk MapGuide - Updates & Service Packs Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise - Services & Support Autodesk MapGuide Studio Autodesk MapGuide Studio - Services & Support
Autodesk MapGuide Viewer Download Autodesk Maya Autodesk Maya - Certified Instructor Program Autodesk Maya - Documentation Autodesk Maya - eMagazine Autodesk Maya - Free Trial Autodesk Maya - Getting Started Tutorials Autodesk Maya - How to Buy Autodesk Maya - Licensing Wizard Autodesk Maya - Memberships Autodesk Maya - Services & Support Autodesk Maya - Services & Support - Learning Path Autodesk Maya - Store Autodesk Maya - System Requirements Autodesk Maya - Training Autodesk Maya - Webkeys Autodesk Mechanical Desktop - Training (links to Autodesk Inventor) Autodesk Mechanical Desktop (links to Autodesk Inventor) Autodesk mental ray Autodesk Mobile Command Autodesk MotionBuilder Autodesk MotionBuilder - Documentation Autodesk MotionBuilder - Free Trial Autodesk MotionBuilder - How to Buy Autodesk MotionBuilder - Memberships Autodesk MotionBuilder - Platinum Membership Autodesk MotionBuilder - Qualified Hardware Autodesk MotionBuilder - Services & Support Autodesk MotionBuilder - Training Autodesk Municipal Products - Services & Support Autodesk Object Enablers Autodesk OnSite - Services & Support Autodesk PortfolioWall Autodesk PortfolioWall - Services & Support Autodesk PortfolioWall - Training Autodesk Pre-Plan Autodesk Pre-Plan - Services & Support Autodesk Pre-Plan Command Autodesk Pre-Plan Command - Services & Support Autodesk Productstream Autodesk Productstream - How to Buy Autodesk Productstream - Services & Support Autodesk Productstream - Training Autodesk Productstream Professional - Services & Support Autodesk QuickCAD Autodesk QuickCAD - Services & Support Autodesk RealDWG Autodesk RealDWG Developer Center Autodesk Seek Autodesk Showcase Autodesk Showcase Autodesk Showcase - Features & Specifications Autodesk Showcase - Services & Support Autodesk SketchBook Pro Autodesk SketchBook Pro - Services & Support Autodesk SketchBook Pro - System Requirements Autodesk SketchBook Pro - Training Autodesk Smoke Autodesk Smoke - How to Buy Autodesk Smoke - Services & Support Autodesk Smoke - Training Autodesk Smoke Services & Support - Self-Paced Training Autodesk Stone Direct Autodesk Stone Direct Autodesk Stone Direct - How to Buy Autodesk Stone Direct - Services & Support Autodesk Streamline Autodesk Streamline - Free Trial Autodesk Streamline - How to Buy Autodesk Streamline - Services & Support Autodesk Streamline - Training Autodesk Subcontractor Autodesk Subcontractor - Features Autodesk Survey Autodesk Survey - How to Buy Autodesk Survey - Services & Support Autodesk Sustainable Design Center (landing page) Autodesk Symbols Autodesk Symbols - Services & Support Autodesk Topobase Autodesk Topobase - How to Buy Autodesk Topobase - Services & Support Autodesk Topobase - Training Autodesk Toxik Autodesk Toxik - How to Buy Autodesk Toxik - Services & Support Autodesk Toxik - Training Autodesk Utility Design Autodesk Utility Design - How to Buy Autodesk Utility Design - Services & Support Autodesk Utility Design - Training Autodesk Vault Autodesk Vault - Services & Support Autodesk Vault - White Papers Autodesk Viewer Comparison Autodesk Viewers Autodesk Wire Autodesk Wire - How to Buy Autodesk Wiretap Autodesk Wiretap - How to Buy Autodesk Wiretap - Services & Support Autodesk VIZ Autodesk VIZ Autodesk VIZ - Free Trial Autodesk VIZ - How to Buy Autodesk VIZ - Services & Support Autodesk VIZ - Training Autodesk VIZ - Updates & Service Packs AutoSketch AutoSketch - How to Buy AutoSketch - Services & Support CAICE Products CAICE Products - Services & Support CAICE Products - Training Clean Tech Development DWG TrueConvert DWG TrueConvert - Free Download DWG TrueView DWG TrueView - Free Download Envision Envision - Services & Support Green Consumer Products Green Leader Perspectives Green Manufacturing Green Vehicles Greening Government High-Performance Buildings Key Issues Revit Architecture Revit Architecture Revit Architecture - Discussion Groups Revit Architecture - How to Buy Revit Architecture - Services & Support Revit Architecture - Training Revit Architecture - Updates & Service Packs Revit Architecture Discussion Groups Revit Discussion Group Customer Gallery Revit MEP Revit MEP Revit MEP - How to Buy Revit MEP - Services & Support Revit MEP - Services & Support Revit Structure Documentation Revit Structure Revit Structure Revit Structure - Analysis Partners Revit Structure - Data & Downloads Revit Structure - Free Trial Revit Structure - How to Buy Revit Structure - Services & Support Revit Structure - Training  Revit Structure - Updates & Service Packs Roads and Transportation Smart Utilities Sustainable Design Resources Sustainable Urban Development & Design Teaching Sustainable Design Whip (replaced with Autodesk Design Review) VISION - Services & Support Volo View Volo View - Services & Support Volo View Express (replaced with Autodesk Design Review)

Additionally, for Support Knowledge Base, Tips, and Data & Download content, Autodesk has created a redirect "system" called "getdoc". Similar to marketing URLs, getdoc allows you to append to a root URL the TS or TD# (Knowledge Base), TP# (Tips) or the download ID (DL#) displayed on the content:

Instead of using something like

Here is what you should use:

These redirects will continue to function even if the "true" URL changes.